Oh, hey.

Beth (she/her/they) is a performer, comedian, writer, director, producer, singer and voiceover artist.

She literally does all of those things. She's a very busy lady.

She also loves talking about herself in the third person.

In the space of 12 months, Beth wrote and toured three solo shows in Australia, performing to sold out crowds and critical acclaim. She even managed to pick up a few sneaky award nominations.

Her work onstage is a dynamic and at-times-confusing mix of storytelling, standup, cabaret, improv and performance art. Her writing is bold and unapologetic, informed by a depth of lived experience and infused with the big heart of a queer, neurodivergent woman.

In 2020, her new solo show Big Womb Energy (currently in development) was selected by South of the River Pictures from thousands of applicants for their Screenshot Commendation List.

As an actor, Beth has appeared on Australian television in the now-cancelled The Checkout on ABC TV, and the also-cancelled Saturday Night Rove on Network 10. She portrayed Macbeth in an all-cis-female performance of The Scottish Play and starred in an exciting ensemble cast of emerging comedians for the indie short film Free Bleed, which did the festival circuit in 2020. She is also starring in the ensemble for the indie comedy feature Evicted! A Modern Romance, set for release in 2021.

As a creator, Beth gets shit done. She is a founding member of the internationally-touring improv troupe Confetti Gun and the female-led creative agency and production company The Bird Cartel.

When not playing make believe for grown-ups, Beth works in suicide prevention as an advocate for neurodivergence, is an extremely passionate woo-woo enthusiast and hypocritical vegan.


★★★★ Funny and moving…perfectly straddles the line of humour and poignancy.

- The Upside News

★★★★ An almost visceral experience that is so many things all at once.

- The Funny Tonne

★★★★ Thought provoking, original, and quirky.

- The Clothesline

Heart shatteringly honest, expertly performed. 

- Chuck Moore Reviews About

Very, very funny...she does not hold back.

- The Big Smoke

Intensity and unrelenting conviction. 

- Suzy Goes See

Authentic and truly relatable.

- Theatre Now

Hilarious and truthful.

- Theatre Travels

A hoot.

- Sydney Arts Guide


- Great Scott!





The Checkout | RECURRING | ABC TV

Saturday Night Rove | CO-STAR | NETWORK 10

Deadly Women | CO-STAR | Discovery Channel 


Free Bleed | LEAD | Independent Short

The Dicky Wallpaper | LEAD | Independent Short

Alternative Numbers | LEAD | Independent Short 

To Be A Warrior | SUPPORTING | PRODUCER | Independent Short


Goldie Spendwell | LEAD | ASIC MoneySmart 

Oscars 2018: Best Public Apology | LEAD | WRITER | PRODUCER | Confetti Gun 

Change The Date-Loaf | LEAD | WRITER | DIRECTOR | PRODUCER | Confetti Gun 

A Bad Case of ABS | LEAD | WRITER | DIRECTOR | PRODUCER | Confetti Gun 

Onslow Arts Council: Imogen Welch | LEAD | WRITER | DIRECTOR | PRODUCER | Touch It 

Money Is Awkward | LEAD | WRITER | PRODUCER | The Cusp + Junkee Media 

Good Cop, Pirate Cop | LEAD | Touch It

Local Vegan Terrorised By Gang of Vegetarians | SUPPORTING | Johnny Cobra  

Three Dudes | SUPPORTING | PRODUCER | Touch It 

Bowling Tips With Strike Dudley | SUPPORTING | PRODUCER | GMRX Media + SuperStrike 

The Rich Inner Lives of Women Being Mansplained To | SUPPORTING | Citizen Jam


Crime and Punishment | ALYONA | DIR: Anthony Skuse
Secret House + Limelight Theatre

Macbeth | MACBETH | DIR: Shelley Casey
SheShakespeare + PACT Theatre

The After-Dinner Joke | DENT | DIR: Ben Schostakowski
NIDA Studio Theatre

The Library of Babel | PROFESSOR HART  | WRITER | DIR: Claudia Osbourne
Kleinefeinheiten + Sydney Fringe

HOLT! The Musical | CLARENCE HOLT | DIR: Alexander Richmond & Jacinta Gregory
Baby Boy Bolognese + Seymour Centre

Superhal (King Henry IV & V) | LADY PERCY + ORLEANS | DIR: John Galea
The Puzzle Collective + NIDA Parade Theatre

The Bird Cartel + Sydney Fringe


Sydney Fringe Comedy + Two Queers Festival

Obstinate Little Tart | PERFORMER | WRITER | PRODUCER

Sydney Fringe + Melbourne Fringe

Girl, Schminterschmupted | PERFORMER | WRITER | DIRECTOR | PRODUCER

Sydney Fringe Comedy + Adelaide Fringe + Melbourne Comedy Festival + Sydney Comedy Festival


ITS The News | ENSEMBLE | Improv Theatre Sydney + Giant Dwarf Theatre

Confetti Gun: Wives and Mothers | ENSEMBLE | PRODUCER | Sydney Comedy Festival 

Confetti Gun: Mid-Winter Ball | ENSEMBLE | PRODUCER | Giant Dwarf Theatre 

Confetti Gun: Glitterati | ENSEMBLE | PRODUCER | Sydney Comedy Festival 

Confetti Gun: Pity Party | ENSEMBLE | PRODUCER | Sydney Fringe Comedy 

Confetti Gun: DCM 19 | ENSEMBLE | PRODUCER | Upright Citzen's Brigade + Magnet Theatre NYC 

ZedTown | RED GIRL | Life Like Touring 


Table Read: Looking For Alibrandi | CARLY BISHOP | Giant Dwarf Theatre | DIR: Alexei Toliopoulos

Sketchy At Best Writer | PERFORMER | WRITER | Giant Dwarf Theatre | DIR: Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd

USYD Womn's Revue | PERFORMER | WRITER | Syemour Centre | DIR: Maddie H.W & Julia Gregoratto



Newcastle Buyers Agent | PRINCIPAL | PRODUCER | ONLINE

Newcastle Permanent Building Society | PRINCIPAL | TVC 

Arrive Alive | PRINCIPAL | TVC


Be A Working Actor | TYPE, IMAGE AND TALENT INTENSIVE | Mark Atteberry

Lesly Kahn & Co | COMEDY INTENSIVE | Lesly Kahn 

16th Street Actors Studio | LARRY MOSS MASTER CLASS | Larry Moss 

The Actor’s Station | FILM AND TELEVISION ONGOING SERIES | Les Chantery 

Betty Grumble Performance Making  | THEATRE AS MEDICINE WORKSHOP | Betty Grumble

16th Street Actors Studio | STEPPENWOLF INTENSIVE | Amy Morton + Audrey Francis 

Hub Studio | MIRANDA HARCOURT MASTER CLASS | Miranda Harcourt 

Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) | IMPROV COMEDY | DCM Master Class Series 

Hub Studio | ANTHONY SKUSE MASTER CLASS | Anthony Skuse 

Hub Studio | KEVIN JACKSON TECHNIQUE | Kevin Jackson

The Actor’s Station | FILM AND TELEVISION MASTER CLASS | Les Chantery 

Improv Theatre Sydney | SKETCH AND IMPROV COMEDY

Atlantic Acting School | SUMMER INTENSIVE

National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) | ACTORS STUDIO


Best Spoken Word Award | NOMINEE | Sydney Fringe Festival 2019

Leadership Through Lived Experience Award | FINALIST | Mental Health Matters 2019


Upcoming Shows

  • May 01, 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM GMT+10
    Marrickville, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
    One global pandemic later, Beth is still single. Don't worry, she's shocked too.
  • May 02, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT+10
    Marrickville, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
    One global pandemic later, Beth is still single. Don't worry, she's shocked too.



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