Spy Mom

"Fresh and utterly readable"

USA Today

"A wild romp"

Deborah Copaken Kogan
Author of Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War and Between Here and April, a Novel

"Pure entertainment gold"

John Lescroart
Author of NYT’s Bestselling Dismas Hardy Novels

"An exuberantly entertaining start to what could become a wildly popular series."

Michele Leber
Booklist (starred review)

Available June 12th!

Fall in Love with Sally Sin

One Unforgettable Heroine, 2 X the Adventure

Meet Sally Sin. Wife. Mother. Retired Spy. Or so she thinks. Just when she’s starting to settle into retirement, her old Agency boss, Simon Still, shows up to recruit her for one more job – stopping Illegal arms dealer and dashing nemesis, Ian Blackford. Can she make it to preschool pick-up, get dinner on the table, and foil Blackford’s nefarious plot? Read Original Sin Chapter 1

And just when you think the thrills are over, you’ll be ready To Sin Again. When the Agency Director is taken hostage, Sally is once again called into action. A rescue operation? Easy. That is until she learns of a connection between the kidnapping and her own mysterious childhood, complicating everything, even Theo’s kindergarten applications. Being a mom is hard enough without having to save the world. Read To Sin Again Chapter 1